Thursday, June 25, 2009

Conflict resolution

We humans always find ourselves facing various predicaments from time to time. The lines 'we are all just prisoners here, of our own device' hold an eternal truth hidden in them. Individual differences leave us isolated in our quest for a perfect solution to our 'personal' problem. Conflict resolution (CR) therefore becomes an important tool for maintaining an overall balance in our lives. Despite increasing awareness levels, a majority of people continue to hang on to the primitive methods of CR like calming the mind by sleeping, physical activity like walking or taking refuge in spirituality but these activities may not provide long term peace. The source of conflict is never internal; at times our expectation from others is the culprit, sometimes drawing comparisons with others distraughts us and worst is when we end up setting our own life goals by what others deem important. Time has a quality of the flowing water, No one in the world can go back in time to make a brand new start but everyone can take hold of the reins of their lives; and make a brand new ending.
Consider this, if you are 35 years old, you have already lived 12775 days of your life and roughly only the similar figure (in days) remains with you to accomplish what YOU think is correct. You can start with - Change what you cannot Accept, and Accept what you cannot Change. To reach an objective conclusion, we NEED to pen down the underlying cause of our concern. We MUST check the objectivity percentage by reviewing it after some time. The quality of our decisions never affect our lives but the timmings of our decisions does; decision has to be taken THIS WAY or THAT WAY.
Among all these, never loose sight of your dreams as dreams are the source of Hope in any situation. And it is only Hope which gives us the Purpose to our lives....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fauji Diary - Life at PP4 - Part II

Border firing always left me puzzled for I was not able to comprehend the rationale behind this seemingly wasteful expenditure of ammunition. For the uninitiated, I would like to clarify that unlike the barbed fencing in the plains, the terrain of the international border in J & K cris-crosses over various contours thereby leaving gaps which are easy places of infilteration. Border firing is a diversionary tactics to mask infilteration or to create confusion or at times merely to check the alertness level of the opposite troops.

Being at a considerable height, Kachryal view point becomes an excellent place to monitor the border firing in the area including my post. According to the grapewine,Mughal Empress Noorjehan had spent sometime at this place appreciating the pristine beauty of the view. Due to its strategic location, the place is visited by many senior military commanders and government officials including the IAS probationers for their training. Capt AC could have never imagined the he would meet his would be wife during the visit of the probationer mandarins. Against all 'conventional wisdom' of choosing the spouse from the same field ,the lady from the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) chose to propose the young army officer. Their subsequent marriage has also become part of the fauji folklore.
Love can overcome all odds; the lady is presently posted at Paris(France) and the officer in question is Commanding my unit.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fauji Diary - Life at PP 4 - Part I

My inning with my battalion started at Pallanwala, near Akhnoor. The battalion after completing a rigourous tenure at Siachen glaciar was moved to this border area. Within a few days I found myself at the forwardmost post called PP4 (Protective Post number 4). Protective patrol is a small force of 10-12 persons kept beyond the main defences to dominate the no man's land,an area interspersed with minefields, in short a place for the cannon fodder. The neighbouring PP2 had been washed away by the recent flash flood in Munawwar Tawi river which translated in some casualities. The approach to the post was by crossing the river through Flying Fox and then crossing the DCB through a trench. The post offered a living space of 5ft x 5ft x 5ft dimension, food was supplied twice a day and the daily dose of firing started at dusk which kept you awake till morning.
The area is the jugular vein of India which Pakistan has seldom failed to press in successive campaigns. The battle of Chhamb Jaurian is taught as a classical case in the military academies world over.Recently I came across a write up on the campaign by one of the fellow blogger Agha H Amin who is an ex- Major of the Pakistan army. Despite having a disagreement on the factual accuracy of some of the events, I would like to congratulate Major Amin on capturing the essence of this military campaign.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Air Crash Investigations - NAT जियो I

Last couple of days provided me an opportunity to follow a very nice series on Air Crash Investigations at NAT GEO. In addition to the excellent handling of the subject, the series offers great insight into flight operations,role of Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the importance of ground duty staff. Indian air traffic has seen a decent growth in the last two decades with the mushrooming of a number of new players in the field. The growth in both international and domestic traffic necessitated the infrastructural and capacity upgradation of a number of airports, but is everything on the air safety is in place is a million dollar question. We continue to have callous individuals at our airports manning the various gadgets; they are the people who live under the illusion that their gossipping on the job can hardly affect their performance of duty or maybe their gadgets require no human intervention and work like the magic wand.
The two instances of air safety violations involving indian planes being covered on the program are - the suspected bombing of IC - 182 (Kanishka) and the hijacking of IC - 814 to Kandhar. These two events of air disaster which are recreated by the channel by compiling first hand accounts and material evidences,are a bone chilling and hair raising stuff. While the mid air explosion of IC - 182 (Kanishka) is attributed to a maliciously checked in baggage in Canada to further the political cause of the terror dealers, the IC - 814 hijacking is outrightly outrageous act in the sky. The indian government failed to get cracking on both the occassions and got exposed as a vulnerable and soft state.
In anyone listening......