Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fauji diary - Army tunes

Army tunes have a very special place in the heart of any fauji. These tunes have a virtue of being in the backdrop of all army memories.In my academy days, I was fascinated by 'Troupe Rajasthan', a classic slow march army tune generally played during guard inspection.Earlier on during college, I had liked 'Amazing Grace' from the movie BRAVEHEART. While searching for some dogri tune recently on youtube,I had a serendipity discovery in the form of a youtube user called ShivKumarBatalvi, who has contributed lots of army tunes on youtube; my favourite one being - Ajj dia ratti (Dogri tune).
My battalion has one of the finest pipe bands in the Indian Army; infact it is one of the few who actually play 'Amazing Grace', an extremely difficult number on the pipes. Our Band Major,Sub Hem Raj had the distinction of having been an instructor to the Mauritius army. It was but natural to show case the talent in a cassette during the centenary celebrations of the battalion at Jalandhar in October 2000. The album had classical English tunes on one side and desi dogri tunes on the other besides an introduction by yours truly ( which I always skip while playing the cassette)

The cassette cover