Friday, October 3, 2008

Feedback - Training aboard a Houseboat

Training aboard a houseboat in Kerala backwaters is a very novel idea started by Sterling Events India. 'Infotainment', in the right meaning of the word, the training on one hand explored the beauty of the Kerala backwaters touching the mouth of the Arabian sea, on the other hand offered a chance to learn and refresh the complexities involved in day to day job performance. The ambiance was just perfect for a three day joyride into the lap of nature. The Conference room on the first floor deck of the boat The ground floor housed the kitchen, porch and AC rooms for participants.
The boat explored the vast dimensions of the Vembad lake during the day and was anchored in the evening where a cultural evening of Kathakali demonstration was organised. Kathakali demonstration gives a peep into the basics of the dance form to the audience. The costume generally associated with Kathakali is not worn during demonstration and is only worn while enacting any scene from the epics.
A boat parked for the night.
A fellow participant, Sh Ashok Mishra from Bank of India appreciating the beauty of Kuttanad. The view of Kuttanad paddy fields. The water-bus ferrying passengers to Kochi The luxury cottages which have come up by lakeside
The evening view of the lake is truly magical


Mampi said...

I am even more Jealous...
Is the RBI hiring?

Balvinder Singh said...

That's great, trainig aboard a boat in God's own country. Must have been lovely experience. The pictures are exotic.

And incidently, i have left a tag for you on my blog under the post "My (Tag)addictions". Now that you are back, take your time to do the tag.

ashok said...

The photographs are very good. You have talents in composing landscapes. Do pursue the hobby.

How good it is to recapitutale past moments, particularly those which remind you of the exotic inerface between nature & us! Godly moments captured amidst fleeting time.