Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Luck by Chance

Style Plus is a lifestyle store near our house. A few days back my wife had purchased some items for children from this store. All this was when I was away to Chennai for work; much against my wish, as it was my daughter's B'day on the 13th March. I got a call a few days back from a lady informing me that I am the winner of a prize for making that purchase from the store. The prize was a week long stay at any of the Resorts owned by Royal Resorts at Goa/Jaipur/Kovalam/Bali(Indonesia). I was clueless about the purchase or the scheme and took it to be some promotional call and told her to call in the evening. We were invited at the Sagara Beach Resort, Kovalam for a presentation on the company.i.e.Royal Resorts. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce us to the membership option of the Royal Resorts which I declined politely. We were handed over the prize which is valid for one year.
Not bad,isn't it,even if it is promotional offer!


deep said...

ohhh great...lucky again..
so where have u decided to go... :))

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

congrats..........waise kab ja rhe ho trip pe??????? :D

deep said...
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Balvinder Singh said...

So your daughter's b'day was spoiled by the Bank by keeping that conference on 13th at Chennai. But good that you were compensated by winning the award. Yes luck is always by chance.

Ash said...

Deep, Sarabjeet and Balvinder Sir,
Thanks for your good wishes.

Pramod said...

Dear Saini You are really lucky to get such good rewards that too twice. Good at least other people/org. are keeping you happy if not RBI.
All the best and enjoy the price..